The Mother and Groom Dance

Often during the wedding reception a special song is played for the Groom to dance with that special person they call, "mom". This special song often reflects the mother's sentiments towards the Groom or the Groom's sentiments towards the mother. The song may also reflect their feelings towards each other, or even be reflective of their personalities.

No matter which song is chosen, it's sure to be a special moment for both the Groom and Mother. We've included a few suggested songs below to start you thinking. Scroll down a bit and you'll find a fabulous video of a mother and son who went all the way with a medley dance! They share their story, as well as 6 Tips to get you started on your own Mother and Son Medley Dance. Enjoy!

From Mother to the Groom

  • I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack
  • A Song for My Son by Mikki Vierick
  • Beacuse You Loved Me by Celine Dion
  • A Mother's Song by Anthony W. Carter from T Carter Music
  • The Man You've Become by Gloria Sklerov & Barbara Rothstein
  • On This Day by Denise Christinzio & Steve Zuccarello
  • I'll Always Be Your Mother by Lynn Leonti and Jim McShane
  • Let Them Be Little by LoneStar
  • My Wish by Rascal Flats

From Groom to the Mother

  • The First Lady in My Life by Paul Todd
  • A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men

To each other

  • Through the Years by Kenny Rogers
  • Stand by Me
  • What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Know of other songs that should be added to this list? We'd love to hear 'em! Send us your song suggestions and we'll add them to those above.

Here is an example of a very creative Mother and Groom Medley Dance~
featuring Lisa Ernstberger and her son, Abel
The video is a bit dark, but you'll get the picture!

Making Memories~ that's what it's all about!
We wanted to know more about this creative Mother and Groom and their memorable dance.
Lisa and Abel Ernstberger, the Mother and Groom featured in the video above, share their story...


Abel: My Mom was the one with the idea. She wanted to surprise everyone at the wedding and truly wanted to just have FUN. She came to me with the idea about 6 months before my wedding. I loved it!

Lisa: What I loved about it was the surprise it gave everyone. No one expected anything so different. We are from a very large family and Abe’s wedding was one of 7 last year we attended. His 2 brothers were also married within the past 3 years with Abe’s wedding being the last one. So after all these weddings, I had the idea to make the traditional dance have a little something different!

Abel: We worked together with the selection of songs, picking some of our favorite groups (U2, the Proclaimers...) but we also wanted to pick a few crowd-pleasers, (Thriller by Michael Jackson, Stayin’ Alive, and My Hump). Also, we wanted some crowd interaction, so we picked “500 Miles” so the crowd could shout back “Da-da-da-da-Ta!!”

Lisa: Abe came up with that great mix and then it was off and running.

Abel: After we picked the songs, we spent about 3 hours coming up with the dance moves.

Lisa: We had so much fun the day we met and came up with the moves. We laughed so hard!



Abel: Most of the moves were our own creations, but Thriller and Stayin’ Alive were classic pre-choreographed moves. After we had the moves down, we practiced individually for about 2 weeks... then we got together only one time before the wedding to run through the dance. I’m still amazed that we pulled it off.

Lisa: We laughed so hard! I never thought I would be able to do it. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t concentrate. Abel was all business though! Flawless!

Abel: NOBODY knew about the dance except for me, Mom and Dad. (Dad handed me the drumsticks).

Lisa: Listen closely and you can hear our daughter say, “oh, my God!”

Abel: The crowd really yells LOUD the second time we point to them to respond “Da-da-da-daTa!”  It was awesome!

Lisa: The memory of pulling that together and executing it is priceless to us. Sometimes I will watch it to just laugh and marvel that we pulled it off!  What fun we had.

Abel: I hope and pray that others will create such an awesome memory as my Mom and I have.

Thanks, Lisa and Abel, for sharing your story!

6 Tips for a Mother and Groom Medley Dance
Courtesy of: Abel Ernstberger

1. Mix multiple songs! I've seen some videos where an entire dance routine is done -- in my opinion the crowd looses a bit of interest after a while, so keep the song clips short and interesting so the crowd doesn't have any idea what to expect -- and they will stay interested. (I used the program "Audacity" to mix the songs together -- you can Google it and download it for free)

2. Use props! It's fun, can potentially hide your embarrassment, and the crowd loves them.

3. If you want to keep it secret -- make a sworn oath to not tell ANYONE -- it is worth it!!!

4. Don't worry about looking will happen :-)

5. Relax, you're only up there for a few minutes and you'll look back on it for the rest of your life and laugh!




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