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By: Jamie Winters

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You want your wedding to be special~ unlike any other. So, where do you start? Start with choosing a wedding theme. A wedding theme incorporates specific design elements throughout various aspects of the wedding activities. Add your personal touch and your wedding will be an occasion they will always remember.

The theme chosen for the wedding should be reflective of the bride and groom. A theme can create an ambience, convey a feeling, make a statement, or make a dream come true.

Perhaps youíve always dreamed of having the popular fairytale wedding with extravagant design elements that might include a princess gown, a castle, a horse drawn carriage and your Prince Charming. Or, maybe you just love the beach and want your wedding activities to revolve around a beach theme complete with palm trees and sand. Maybe you have a favorite color or a favorite flower that you want to incorprate into just a few aspects of the wedding. With a wedding theme itís creativity and the attention to detail that make all the difference.

If youíre planning a traditional wedding youíll want to be sure your theme blends well with tradition. However, regardless of whether you are planning to have a large wedding party or something more on the scale of a small, intimate affair~ your wedding theme can be anything you can imagine it to be. You may want to consider the size of your wedding when choosing a theme as extravagant themed weddings can get costly. Also, depending on how unique your theme is you may have to do some extra work to find an appropriate venue, wedding decorations, wedding favors and a wedding cake topper that reflect your theme. However, many couples have found the extra work well worth the effort for one of the biggest days of their lives.

Youíll see from the wedding theme ideas below that anything goes when it comes to wedding themes!

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Period Themes
Ancient History Themed Weddings   Ancient Theme Wedding   Fantasy Theme Wedding   Outdoor Inspired Wedding Theme
Ancient China Wedding Theme   Angel Theme Wedding   Fiesta Theme Wedding   Pear Theme Wedding
Ancient Egypt Wedding Theme   Animal Theme Wedding   Fine Art Wedding  

Paradise Wedding Theme

Ancient Greece Wedding Theme   Arabian Theme Wedding   Firefighter Theme Wedding   Parisian Wedding Theme
Ancient India Wedding Theme   Art Deco Theme Wedding   Fish Theme Wedding   Pirate Treasure Theme Wedding
Ancient India Wedding Theme   Artist Wedding Theme   Flower Inspired Wedding Theme   Polish Inspired Theme Wedding
Ancient Japan Wedding Theme   Asian Inspired Wedding Theme   Folklore Theme Wedding   Polynesian Theme Wedding
Ancient Rome Wedding Theme   Bali Inspired Wedding Theme   Gangster Theme Wedding   Rainbow Theme Wedding
Middle Ages Themed Weddings   Baroque Wedding Theme   Garden Theme Wedding   Renaissance Theme Wedding
Dark Ages Themed Wedding   Beach Theme Wedding   Gay 90's Theme Wedding   Retro Wedding Theme
Viking Age Scandinavian Themed Wedding   Bird Theme Wedding   German Inspired Wedding Theme   Roaring 20's Theme Wedding
Classic Era Central America Themed Wedding   Butterfly Theme Wedding   Gothic Wedding Theme   Rock 'n Roll Wedding Theme
Islamic Golden Age Themed Wedding   Camelot Theme Wedding   Green (Eco-Friendly Wedding Theme   Rodeo Theme Wedding
15th Century Theme Weddings   Camouflage Wedding Theme   Harley Davidson Theme Wedding   Romance Wedding Theme
Medieval Renaissance Wedding Theme   Camping Themed Wedding   Harvest Theme Wedding   Romeo and Juliet Theme Wedding
16th Century Theme Weddings   Carribbean Wedding Theme   Hawaiian Wedding Theme   Royalty Wedding Theme
English Renaissance Elizabethan Wedding Theme   Catch a Falling Star Themed Wedding   Happily Every After Wedding Theme   Safari Theme Wedding
European Renaissance Wedding Theme   Celestial Theme Wedding   Hippy Wedding Theme   Scuba Theme Wedding
Shakespeare Themed Wedding   Celtic Charm Wedding Theme   Historical or Period Wedding Theme   Seaside Theme Wedding
17th Century Theme Weddings   Champagne and Chocolate Wedding Theme   Holiday Theme Wedding   Seasonal Wedding Theme
American Colonial Theme Wedding   Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme   Hollywood Wedding Theme   Skydiving Theme Wedding
18th Century Theme Weddings   Christmas Theme Wedding   Indian Inspired Theme Wedding   Snowflake Wedding Theme
Versailles, Louis XV-Madame de Pompadour Wedding Theme   Cinderella Wedding Theme   Irish Themed Wedding   Sock Hop Wedding Theme
Baroque, Louis XVI-Marie Antoinette Wedding Theme   Circus Theme Wedding   Italian Themed Wedding   Southern Plantation Wedding Theme
19th Century Theme Weddings   Coastal Inspired Theme Wedding   Island Theme Wedding   Sports Fan Wedding Theme
Early Victorian Nouveau Wedding Theme   Cocktail Inspired Theme Wedding   Japanese Inspired Theme Wedding   Star Wars/Star Trek Theme Wedding
Haute Couture Belle Epoque Parisian Wedding Theme   Color Scheme Theme Wedding   July 4th Theme Wedding   Storybook Fantasy Wedding
Late Victorian Modest Wedding Theme   Country Theme Wedding   Las Vegas Theme Wedding   Sunset Theme Wedding
20th Century Theme Weddings   Cowboy/Western Theme Wedding   Love Bird Theme Wedding   Swans and Hearts Theme Wedding
1920's Roaring 20's Theme Wedding   Creole Theme Wedding   Love Story Theme Wedding   Tiffany Wedding Theme
1930's Art Deco Wedding   Crystal Ice Palace Wedding   Luau Theme Wedding   Tropical Wedding Theme
1940's Big Band Wedding   Cultural Wedding Theme   Magic Theme Wedding   True Love Wedding Theme
1950's Rock and Roll Sock Hop Wedding   Destination Wedding Theme   Mardi Gras Theme Wedding   Tuscan Wedding Theme
1960's Groovy Hippy Wedding   Disco Wedding Theme   Masquerade Theme Wedding   Under the Sea Wedding Theme
1970's Disco Wedding   Disney Theme Wedding   Martini Theme Wedding   Vacation Theme Wedding
Seasonal Wedding Themes   Double Wedding Theme   Medieval Theme Wedding   Valentine Wedding Theme
Spring Wedding Theme   Dove Theme Wedding   Mexican Inspired Theme Wedding   Victorian Wedding Theme
Summer Wedding Theme   Dreams Do Come True Wedding Theme   Midsummer Night's Dream-Shakespeare Theme Wedding   Vineyard Wedding Theme
Fall Wedding Theme   Egyptian Inspired Theme Wedding   Military Theme Wedding   Vintage Glamour Wedding Theme
Winter Wedding Theme  

Elizabethan Wedding Theme

  Monster Truck Theme Wedding   Vintage Wedding Theme
Other Wedding Themes   Elvis Theme Wedding   Movie Premiere Theme Wedding   Western Wedding Theme
Academy Awards Wedding Theme   English Cottage Theme Wedding   Mystical Theme Wedding   Wet Wedding Theme
African Inspired Theme Wedding   Escape to Camelot Theme Wedding   Nautical Theme Wedding   Wilderness Theme Wedding
American Colonial Theme Wedding   Ethnic Wedding Theme   Ocean Theme Wedding   Wine/Winery Theme Wedding
American Theme Wedding   Fairytale Theme Wedding   Oriental Inspired Theme Wedding   Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme
If you have more ideas for themes, or themed wedding pics you'd like to share we'd love to hear from you~     Flip us an email!
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